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“To recalibrate means to adjust, recalculate, like photographic cameras, because all things mechanical need fine-tuning every now and then. Similarly, we as people and specifically as club members, with our own defined Mission, to pause, reflect and assess to ensure that our actions are aligned towards achieving our Vision.

For the past 34 years, Alpha Camera Club had been steadfastly lived up to its traditions; “taking pride in our craft and promoting fellowship among members.” For this reason, we travel and brave the mountains, the seas and whatever challenges come our way, we can bring out and take pride in our talent by showcasing our perspective of seeing. It is also this process that allows us to grow in our craft and brings us closer, notching up a level higher what once used to be acquaintances to become friends if not our second family in the long run.

Today in the light of the Pandemic and the restrictions that we have to contend, we are called to recalibrate.

… And a better way to experience our version of “Alpha Camera Club Recalibrated”, we capped it with our own tribute to Mother Nature, for our 35th Anniversary, we magnify and give highlight to what have become man’s best stress-reliever in the time of pandemic; plants of varying kinds and colours with our virtual photo exhibit, – Our way of expanding the world that which the pandemic has contracted.


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