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Tayo na sa Rizal: Alpha Camera Club’s [Almost] Two-Day Adventure!

Lucky - this word best describes our experience last April 7 to 8 as we went around the Province of Rizal to have our Club’s Holy Week Shoot. Not only did we have a great time with our shoot, but the weather, environment, and people we encountered made the trip more memorable.

Our [almost] two-day trip started in Cainta, Rizal during the town’s Good Friday Procession. Attended by tourists, townspeople, and media personnel, the hours-long procession saw the performance of hundreds of individuals portraying the last few days of Jesus Christ until His resurrection.

The experience, for me, can only be summed by one word: surreal.

From the extravagant costumes and props, to the unwavering efforts of the performers to not break character under the summer-sun, the whole event was a masterful manifestation of the town’s devotion to the Creator. Indeed, it was one of the best experiences I ever had.

Next on our itinerary was Tanay, Rizal’s Parola. This lighthouse along Laguna de Bay serves as a guide for fisherfolks as they traverse the waters of the lake while the surrounding area functions as a place to meet and rest for the people in the community. And just like a true local, we rested for a bit while waiting for the sun to set.

And our wait was all worth it.

The rays of the setting sun embraced the terrain which set the tone for a relaxing mood after a long and tiring day. My sunset experience became more meaningful because of the local’s hospitality and eagerness to support our shoot. Several individuals - especially Mang Bert and Mang Ernesto - served as our models while we made the most of our time and the setting sun’s lighting.

It was, without a doubt, a once-in-a-lifetime experience for my clubmates and I.

To cap off the day, we went to Viewscape Nature Park in Tanay, Rizal to rest, unwind, and camp for the night. This was extra special for me because I have never camped before. The environment permitted a peaceful atmosphere which helped in recharging our energy after a very long day.

The following day’s sunrise served as the trip’s finale. We watched as the sun slowly rose from the horizon and enveloped the hills of Tanay with its light. This experience was magical for me as the weather allowed us to fully experience the magnificence of the start of the new day.

Alpha Camera Club’s [almost] two-day adventure served as our tip-off for this year’s summer season. Though the itinerary of the trip was jam-packed, the once-in-a-lifetime experience had renewed our energy and passion to be better in our craft.

Everything went to plan and the weather, environment, and people we encountered added extra flavor to the trip.

Without a doubt, we were lucky.

Indeed, I am blessed.


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