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Wear comfortable shoes, Wait for the Right moment, Be patient

Valuable lessons and Insights from our Street Photography Walk with Larry Monserrate Piojo.

When it comes to street photography, the importance of comfortable shoes cannot be overstated. Magnum photographer David Hurn advises wearing the most comfortable shoes possible when embarking on a photowalk. This is sage advice, as street photography often involves hours of walking and waiting for the perfect moment to capture. It requires patience, mindfulness, and anticipation. It is an art that requires not just technical skill but also a unique perspective on life. It That's why our club was thrilled to attend a recent sharing and photowalk led by Larry Monserrate Piojo, a seasoned photojournalist with a wealth of experience in capturing the essence of the streets.

During the photowalk, we were treated to a range of immersive insights and grounded tips on how to take better street photographs. What stood out for us was Larry's practical emphasis on the importance of capturing dynamic moments and telling lively stories through our images. His advice was to be aware of our surroundings, observe people's behavior and interactions, and anticipate the moment to capture the essence of a scene and the movement of a character. He also stressed the importance of patience, waiting for the right moment, and paying attention to lighting and composition to create more powerful images. Every aspect of the photograph, from lighting to composition, must be carefully considered to convey the desired message.

One of the key takeaways from the sharing was the realization that street photography is not just about taking pictures but also about understanding and appreciating the world around us. Through our images, we can share stories of people, places, and cultures, and connect with others on a deeper level.

Another valuable insight we gained from it was the importance of finding our own style and voice as photographers. Larry shared that the moment he picked up a camera, he never stopped taking pictures. He also shared that he experimented with many photography genres until he discovered his true love: capturing people and the streets. He also emphasized that photographs are more than just images, they are stories of people, objects, places, and moments frozen in time.

But the beauty of these talks goes beyond just learning photography tips. They offer ideas to live by, and a deep understanding of why we take pictures.

It's through these interactions and collaborations that we can grow and develop as photographers. Through the sharing of experiences and insights, we can broaden our horizons and enrich our lives. We look forward to putting these insights into practice and continuing to develop our skills as photographers.


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