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In Street Photography, sometimes it’s the timing that matters to be able to tell a story and get your message across. Find a situation or a corner and start to frame the picture inside your head. A lot of time, it takes patience to wait for it to happen but if it is feasible, you can find your model and make it happen through the power of convincing and persuasion. - A gift some of us have.

In Alpha Camera Club’s Halloween theme photowalk, this is exactly the case. While scouring the stretch of BGC, we manage to persuade a group of youngsters dressed in character to pose for us in their Halloween customs. Naturally, it was a fun-filled feast for the eye with all the strange and macabre images, our cameras started clicking but images, however crisp and colorful need to be able to relate to the story it is telling. Thankfully, while posing “Kamatayan” character in his ghoul dress, and another character with his face covered in sack ala EJK execution style, there is a barbeque vending stall that collaborates. Proud of the product taste that it dares to brag it HEAVEN and there you go. - The story is complete.

Congratulations to JOY GANADEN for his evoking picture.


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