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Freedom Island

A photographer's mind is a jungle of concepts and ideas. It is a must because that is how we live, that is how we thrive. Otherwise, there is no art in the photograph. Our output simply becomes ordinary, indistinguishable, there is no pop. A photographer is a conjurer. He or she can make magic by proper framing, by creating seeming illusions in the ordinary without blurring the truth only a matter of perspective.

Cris Cleofas' photograph of a reflection of a tree inside the so-called Freedom Island lying along the stretch of CAVITEX makes a perfect example. It seems to transport us to some alien land where predators roam and prey on unsuspecting victims but please do not be deceived by your immediate impression because neither was the intention. It is just a matter of perspective in presenting ideas by looking at them differently.

Way to go Cris!


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