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After Ten Months

After ten months of denied travel, we sorely missed the adventures that went with it. We will forever remember 2020 not only because of the pandemic but also of its impact that shook us collectively, forcing us to embrace the change and adapt to the dictates of the new normal. Some of us were constrained to the confines of our home while some of us chose to travel alone to places that were relatively safe.

Our journey as a Camera Club, like all others, has been punctuated with many challenges but we succeeded to overcome these. We have continued what we have always loved to do, that is, to take photographs that speak and tell a story. We have managed to connect, to share creative ideas, and have chosen to remain productive rather than to despair about things that are beyond our control.

Welcome 2021, we can say with confidence that we made it. We are highly hopeful that 2021 will be a better year and we look forward to traveling again, always ready to adapt to the ever changing road of life.

Happy Shooting!


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