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On October 7 to 9, 2022, our group ALPHA Camera Club, joined other art groups and held its exhibit at the Gateway Mall in Cubao, Quezon City. The exhibit promoted appreciation of different art forms, and items on display were available for sale. As one of the active members, I was delighted to know that the photographs I aptly titled, MORNING AFTER and NEWSBOY ON BREAK were included. I was not there to witness the exhibit, and having two of my works selected and displayed was truly an honor for me. It was not after a month that I got hold of my photos. It was when I visited Manila for another purpose that I met with my APO sorority sister, Zarah, who happens to be the senior curator of Museo ni Jose Rizal – Calamba. Zarah and I went out the following day to attend to our personal errands, and along the course, I saw an optical shop that offered discounts on their eyeglasses. I wanted to change my present spectacles so I went in to inquire and had my eyes checked. Unfortunately, the attending optometrist recommended that I first consult an ophthalmologist before I purchase a new pair of eyeglasses. I am from Ligao City and was in Manila for just a short visit, it was wise to consult in my home place since I was bound home the following day. I’ve been nearsighted since the early 1990s.

On my return, I learned that both my eyes were already damaged and needed immediate medical intervention. I underwent laser treatment on my right eye the very same day I consulted. It had to be saved before it suffers the same fate as my left eye. My left eye has retinal detachment that it has to undergo surgery the soonest possible time.

With this sudden health crisis, my family had to produce around PhP 200,000.00 in less than a week to cover the cost of my medical procedures. Schleral Buckling Cryo treatment was recommended by my ophthalmic surgeon for my left eye. Good thing, my sorority sister Zarah was aware of my predicament, she knew I had photos that were exhibited and made available for sale. She volunteered to facilitate having my photographs auctioned, a better way she thought, of raising funds than simply selling to augment my eye surgery expenses. From the beginning, my family doubted my ability to earn from my passion, and even I, never expected my photographs to be sold. Two of my APO sorority sisters happily participated in the bidding and bought the photos.

God is truly awesome. He never fails to amaze me. He uses living angels to show His love. My photographs were not sold during the exhibit because He had a better plan of selling them for better prices and a more meaningful purpose. God is so good, I have so much to thank Him for!!!


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