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When in Lobo

The first of many out-of-town shoots for Alpha Camera Club happened on May 7 to 8 at Punta Verde Resort in Lobo, Province of Batangas. Literally and liberally translated, its name is interpreted to mean as an invitation to see and experience the tranquility of the waters beyond the pebble shores of the resort overlooking the Verde Island Passage.

For this trip, we brought along two (2) young ladies, aspiring and rising models in their own rights, as subjects for our portraiture shoot for the first in-house contest theme, while the second theme is OTS – Punta Verde.

Lunch was served at Ungkot Café and Restaurant at Lobo Town proper wherein their “Beef Caldereta” was a sure-fire inspirational food to motivate us to do our best in the coming shoot we are doing upon arrival at the venue.

We started at 2pm and wrapped it up at around 6pm as dusk began to settle for the day. Some of us took the time to sample the infinity pool for an hour, relax and enjoy the ambience of the place.

Dinner was at the main dining hall and back at our rented cottage as we gathered around for some fellowship that we all miss during the pandemic lockdown and restrictions on social gatherings.

The next day, the shoot continued at the water fountain adjacent to the cottage for at least 2 hours and then we checked out for the drive back to our homes.

It was another successful Alpha Camera Club adventure which we hope to be a precursor of future trips as the overall Covid 19 situation further improves.

Our gratitude and appreciation to everyone who joined us at our Lobo trip and hope to see many more in our next photography adventures.

Next stop Batanes, anyone?


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