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TL;DR: We changed the logo.

Today we’re launching our new logo. We love the look and feel of the current logo. However, it’s been 35 years and as all things go, we’re making it better.

We are getting better.

The landscape of photography has changed remarkably over the last few decades. The shift from film to digital has democratized the craft, challenging more people to be more creative.

After 35 years, this is the time for recalibration.

To recalibrate means to adjust, recalculate, like photographic cameras needing to be fine-tuned every now and then. Similarly, the influx of new members in the club has reinvigorated the passion and interest for honing our skills better. This influx paved the way for this recalibration.

A logo is an organization’s identity. It is its heart and soul. It should be SMART:






It should be effective at any size and go well with any color.

So, what has changed?

Not much, really. We didn’t want to change our logo too much, because, well, we’re still us.

ALPHA is an acronym for Association of Lovers of Photography and the Arts. Conversely, Alpha is also the first letter in the Greek alphabet.

From film to digital.

The film strip has now become a more robust line of movement with soft geometric curves emphasizing well-roundedness in the craft. The six-blade aperture has been adjusted for size and contrast.

From uppercase to lowercase. The logo mark has been incorporated with the word, to simplify the identity.

Geometric lowercase letters were used to reflect the casualness of the club. Each shape and letterform is its own character, evoking the different fields of interests of each member but united together through photography.



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