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Pictorial in Barradas' Airstrip

The Barradas’ airstrip in Tanuan, Batangas is a place close to the heart of Alpha Camera Club. It has been the site of many club activities in the past and is always recalled in memory with fondness. Thanks to the overly accommodating couple who always welcomes us with the warmth that can only equal our passion for photography. And as the venue for our photo shoot, the place is very much in its character. Private aircraft parked inside a large garage, tools, machinery, and plenty of greens beside the runway among others. It’s a huge playing field for photographers to explore and capture images but with a common denominator: everything has to do with airplanes. So, to stand out, one has to be different. One has to deviate from the crowd and it always pays.

Congratulations to Cris Cleofas for daring to be different and to photography model Yara for being such a sport for the pictorial.

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