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Photograph and Memories

“A picture paints a thousand words,” and indeed it does. It conveys, if not conjures a lot of stories, everything is up to the interpretation of the creative minds or convoluted personality of the one looking. So take a guess, what is the story behind the picture?

  1. A “has been,” Playboy Magazine model reliving her heydays by looking at the magazine cover.

  2. A tabloid writer that goes by pen name, Xerex, and glancing at the pictures for inspiration for the next article to write.

  3. Or a desperate photographer in the time of pandemic wanting to project the theme, Nostalgia.

If your answer is “C”, you are right.

With no available model to shoot at home and deadline approaching, he squeezed out all his creative juices to come out with the image. Thanks to the technology of today that features camera timer, he transformed himself and assumes the role of photographer, model, and changed gender from male to female, all for photography’s sake, and delivers the good.

Kudos to Ka Dewey Sergio, Alpha Camera Club’s creative genius behind and in front of the camera for conceptualizing and executing this maiden “MORE THAN MEETS THE EYES, ” feature picture, as they say; “Para-paraan lang yan.”

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