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Light and Shade

“Deciding on a theme for the club’s Online Photography Exercise has never been easy, more so in my case in the middle of preparations to bid goodbye to my Father for the last time.

I looked back to the last two (2) themes and suddenly in the middle of my “Serenity & Solitude”, my feelings of “Nostalgia” brought back memories of my Dad’s penchant for the song “Light and Shade” by the group Fra Lippo Lippi.

From there, I decided on the theme “Light & Shade” to be rendered in Black & White to serve as a valuable exercise for that week.

Congratulations to everyone for a job well done. The images are all works of art by and of themselves as we now show the best three (3) of the sixteen (16) entries. Our hats off to Bing Duay, Cris Cleofas and Joon Navarro!

Thank you, Dad, for the inspiration.


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