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Daily Grind

Passing at street windows along commercial districts is just a normal daily routine for most people working in the area.

Looking through the window, a scene that tells a story is seldom captured in just one click.

This photographer however, an active and committed member of ALPHA camera Club, never fails to join our club’s weekly or monthly exercises.

As this week’s theme for the Assigned Photo Exercise (APE) is “REFLECTIONS”, he was very fortunate to be at the right place at the right time.

So innate is his creative eye that even on his way to work, he saw a very good subject appropriate for this week’s theme, from the windows of commercial spaces in Ayala, Makati.

The grab driver while waiting for bookings, was perfectly positioned to add to the story of this photo and it only took him two shots to decide which to submit as his entry.

See how committed he is to ALPHA?!

Joy Ganaden, the photographer for the chosen WOW photo of the month is a dedicated worker and very passionate of his craft. This can be gleaned in all the photos he took in the past. He may be busy at his day job but still ranks among the top 10 at every month’s photo exercise as he shoots at every opportunity he gets.


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