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Alpha Camera Club Welcomes back Kleyr de la Cruz – Vargas

On Wednesday, March 24, 2021, ALPHA Camera Club welcomed back one of its long-missed friend, who joined the Club’s weekly meeting via Zoom.

A long-time member until she migrated to Australia, Kleyr dela Cruz or simply Kleyr, (now Mrs. Vargas), is one of those ladies that ALPHA Camera Club is lucky to have. She has no-frills climbing mountains carrying her stuff of Canon L-series telephoto lens and camera body dangling by her neck. With nary a complaint, she explores remote and hard-to-reach areas and spends the night in laidback places with minimal amenities all in the name of photography. And, ultimately, to contribute to the Club’s campaign for a spotlight in the year-round national inter-club photo competition of the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation (FPPF).

This time around, we welcomed Kleyr as one of two judges for our regular photo competition with the theme, “Plantdemic.”

As expected, except for a little twang that she has acquired through the years of living in Australia, like her pronunciation of “today” (as in full Australian accent), Kleyr is still very much the same Kleyr that ALPHA has always known – very casual, very approachable but dead serious when she buckles down to work.

Members welcomed Kleyr’s painstaking review of all images submitted for the contest as we all learned something from her critique. We appreciate Kleyr’s carefully crafted language in her comments as she was able to deliver the point of concern for the member’s improvement yet remained positive, inspiring and uplifting.

For all of these, ALPHA Camera Club is very grateful, “Your willingness to put it all into words is all that is necessary… it has inspired, uplift and enlightened our passion more…very grateful for your effort and for taking the time to do this for ALPHA Camera Club.”


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