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Victor Reyes

From engineering to photography is how this gentleman can best describe his journey through the years when he found himself starting to take a keen interest in framing images with a Canon Powershot A200 point and shoot digital camera.

This interest he further pursued when he purchased a used Canon EOS30 from a friend and completed the Basic Photography Workshop at FPPF; and from there, as they say, the rest is history.

Greatly influenced by the colors and stories depicted by pictures on the pages of National Geographic, Victor Reyes, or Vic as he is fondly called by friends, eventually crossed over from being a hobbyist to a professional photographer.

He is a wedding photographer for many years under the tutelage and mentorship of Mr. Edwin Tuyay, who is also a well-known photojournalist whose photos appeared on the cover of international magazines.

As a professional wedding photographer, Vic has this to say: “I love weddings. It is a complete package, product shoot, macro, portraits and candid.”

Like Lara S. Reyes, Vic joined Alpha Camera Club upon completion of the Basic Photography Workshop at FPPF and offers the following words of wisdom he learned all throughout his active membership with the club and we quote:

“Always be physically fit and prepared with your gears. Alpha Camera Club adventures are mostly physical (early wake-up call for sunrises, hiking in unknown places, sunsets, nightscapes, and astrophotography)”.

He encourages people to take up photography because photography teaches people to be patient (waiting for the right moment, light, and set-up); and kind (to other photographers and their images) as they try to capture the beauty of God’s creation even in the most unlikely places.

Vic also bids other shutterbugs to join camera clubs because just like with Alpha Camera Club, the knowledge from the collective experience of all the members accelerated his learnings; ensures that he does not travel alone; and speaks the same photography techno mumbo as he does.

To future members of Alpha, Vic’s advice is to be proactive. Do not wait for the other members to open; ask and it shall be answered. Tips or techniques, Victor as well as the rest of Alpha shares everything about photography.

It is because of this commitment to the club that Vic wants to be remembered as a loyal and long-time member of his beloved group – Alpha Camera Club.

Vic holds a degree in BS Electronics and Communications Engineering from Adamson University.

And that’s a wrap!

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