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Sahlee Camposano

Frustrated by improperly exposed photos taken with film SLR (Minolta) from her late aunt, Sahlee took Basic and Advanced Photography workshops offered by the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation (FPPF) in the summer of 2003. During the exercise where participants took photos applying the day’s lessons, she discovered the therapeutic effects of focusing on what’s on the viewfinder. Though Sahlee’s interest in photography dates back to her high school days as she documented their summer trips to Baguio City using film point and shoot cameras (Canon, 110mm), it was only in the summer of 2003, when she has started a career in the financial services industry, that she took photography workshops.

Sahlee joined ALPHA Camera Club soon after the workshops and made time to join the Club’s out-of-town trips to become better at her craft. Generous advice, tricks and tips from clubmates have contributed to honing her photography skills that a few of her photos represented the Club in FPPF’s national inter-camera club Photo World Cup competition.

Sahlee is a seasoned financial services professional and holds a BS Business Economics degree from the University of the Philippines Diliman.

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