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Lara Grace Sureta Reyes

Driven by her desire to join so many others who use social networking websites as a venue to share stories through inspiring photos, videos, and blogs, Lara began her artistic journey at the young age of 22 when she took up formal lessons in 2009 at FPPF to learn the basics of photography and use of DSLR cameras.

Her first camera was an entry-level Nikon D40 purchased as a gift to herself, and as she recalls, was not the easiest of gifts because she had to convince her mother that it was well worth the cost.

Her interest in photography was greatly influenced by a good friend from high school who manages a personal website. She was inexplicably drawn to the travel and landscape photos, journals, as well as the beauty of simple but profound still-life images.

This fascination with still life images strengthened her interest in shooting inanimate objects where she enjoys complete liberty in the setup or creation of flat lay arrangements where she can exercise complete control. On the plus side as well, Lara admits to getting soulful pleasure in taking nature photos of landscapes and the night sky with all the stars that glitter as the great Milky Way slips past the heavens.

Photojournalism and portraiture are two other genres that Lara hopes to pursue and find inspiration for some time soon.

Lara became a member of the Alpha Camera Club on the evening of February 21, 2009, at Starbucks Fort Santiago and merely a week after was already on her way to Baguio City for her first out-of-town photoshoot. The event was the annual Panagbenga Festival.

Lara since then rarely failed to miss any out-of-town trips and photoshoots if these do not interfere with work or family time.

As an active member of Alpha Camera Club, her resolve to explore, learn and try to optimize her craft was strengthened with the realization that efforts plus time are equal to progress and transformation; believing that every one of the so-called master photographers are the people who lived it, endured, and earned it as much as they deserve.

This lady photographer believes that people should learn photography at the very least as a hobby and that photographers should encourage other people to explore and learn the craft by inspiring them to create their own version, images, style. and niches.

That is how she wants her photography to be – an inspiration to others to take the initiative to learn and do something bigger.

That is also how she wants others to remember her photography – “I got my camera and made the best out of it”.

Lara is a graduate of BS Psychology from the University of Sto. Thomas and works as a banker.

Lara Grace S. Reyes, take a bow!

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