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Jun Santos

Jun Santos is and has always been in love with Street Photography. His pictures, be it in colour or in black and white always reflected the reality of time, speaking of their story. If there is one thing though that is most notable in his many photographs, it is his desire to bring in social awareness: pictures of street children, impoverished communities, something that one may wonder if he is intentionally or innocently drawing us to this realm on purpose.

Jun Santos was Alpha Camera Club’s past president. He was drawn into photography as it was part of his subject in Architecture at Mapua Institute of Technology. His first camera is a Canon AE1 and considered himself as one of the few lucky ones who had experienced shooting in film and had it developed and printed in the darkroom. He is one of those experienced in the field who admonishes aspiring photographers to join Camera Club and experience fellowship with people who share the same passion in photography, explore the outdoors and learn new skills from senior members.

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