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Joon Navaro

Jovencio Joon Navarro or Joon started taking photographs at age thirteen. He was first introduced to the craft using an Instamatic (Polaroid) camera by his Dad. Soon, the responsibility of being the alternate photographer of his dad during family occasions landed on his lap but Joon has no complaints. He recalls the years of his many adventures and misadventures using the camera that led to some embarrassing situations. He remembered his honeymoon photo bloopers, where he unsuccessfully struggled with a borrowed SLR camera, losing precious first moments to remember with his wife, “And how about having to repeat the first birthday of my son, when I misloaded a film in the Instamatic camera, there were zero pictures! Good thing though, the following week was the town fiesta, so it was easy to round up kids and set up last week’s party accessories for a birthday shoot, take 2,” he recounts. “The jinx started way back in our wedding day when we mistakenly chose a photojournalist friend instead of a professional wedding photographer and as a result, the shots were not perfectly timed; missing many important moments in the ceremony. Later, a friend seer told me that my jinx will not vanish unless I am gifted with a camera of my own. Finally, it was some five years ago when my son and daughter-in-law gifted me a Canon 1300D on my retirement in 2016 and voila! I was so happy and decided to pursue photography with a vengeance, ha-ha-ha!”

When asked what is his favourite subject to shoot? Joon replies; “I admire female figure and mystique, so Portraiture interests me always. A second favourite is Street Photography, which captures the intricacies of our culture, environment, and life in general.”

Joon advises some best learning tips since becoming an Alpha Camera Club member; “Listen, observe well, and learn from the wisdom of the members……this can save you years to bring your craft to the next level.”

Joon has a degree in BS Business Economics from the University of the Philippines Diliman. He was with Bank of Commerce for 15 years and held the position of FVP/ Division Head when he retired in 2016. Although retired already, he remained as a consultant to the bank’s president for another year.

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