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Jemai Adriano

Jeremiah So Adriano or Jemai as he is fondly called by close friends and associates is the newest kid on the block, having joined the club in March, barely 2 months ago today.

His interests in photography started at the young age of 19 during his collegiate years when several of his friends introduced him to the wonders of a digital SLR and taught him how to use it.

Fast forward to 7 years later in 2015 and at the age of 24, Jemai started to immerse himself more into photography after he got his hands on a brand-new Sony a6000 using whatever money he was able to save.

Jemai is proud to say that his parents serve as his inspiration for photography, recalling the times when as a young kid, his father would take him around Manila to visit old buildings and marvel at their architectural beauty; remembering the sights as well and sounds of street scenes, and cityscapes.

These naturally became his favored subjects because of the need to preserve these moments captured in real time.

This early, he would like to be remembered as a visual arts practitioner who immortalized moments and sceneries through his photographs, in a manner that is masterful and inspirational as well.

To future recruits of Alpha Camera Club, his advice is to always remember the reasons for taking pictures in the first place, and to write those down if they have to because at the end of the day, those notes will help them strive and continue to be better photographers especially at times when they are in a slump.

Jemai holds a degree in Psychology and is currently the Inclusion Advocacy Unit Head at the Center for Inclusive Education of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde.

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