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JC Borlongan

JC is a man of many talents, if he is not busy taking photographs, he is busy with his vlog: “Every DIY”, tinkering something at home with his wide array of carpentry and electrical tools or attending to task with his work at home arrangement. Occasionally, he labours also as Digital Strategist and a homeownership advisor.

JC joined Alpha Camera Club in September 2019 after a chance meeting with the group during the Canon Photomarathon held in Manila. He regards the works of Daniel Cheong as his inspiration and leans towards Landscape as his favourite subject in photography. He recalls his first camera to be a Sony Cybershot T7 and moved later to Canon 400D. Back then, he loves taking HDR photos; shooting in three exposures and edit the result to give it a High Dynamic Range. His advice to other aspiring photographers is to keep on shooting and better yet, join a Camera Club and meet talented people who can guide you improve your craft. He sums up happiness in photography as something that requires unlearning as much as learning.

JC is a graduate of Computer Applications and Info Science from San Beda College and works in an inter-governmental organization.

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