Gerard Quiambao

Gerard Quiambao or Ghe as he likes to be called started taking photography as a hobby sometime in 2017 when he got hold of his first digital camera, a Canon m3.

Eager to learn more in creating beautiful images as well as enhance his skills further, he religiously attended various seminars, workshops, and sessions under the mentorship of many known, talented, and skilled photographers such as Dee Asuncion for portraiture and post processing, Jijo de Guzman and MJ Magallon for astrophotography to name a few.

Ghe is partial to portraits, landscapes, cityscapes and astrophotography; having been influenced in part by these talented artists.

In 2019 he joined Alpha Camera Club during the Canon Nationwide Photowalk Challenge and since then has “fallen in love” with the club and all that it stands for, the camaraderie and traditions as well.

He admits to learning a lot from the club and cautions newbies to love and share their passion in photography, stay loyal and most of all be a responsible member.

Since 2019 he has been a Fujifilm shooter after saying goodbye to his old reliable Canon 77D and has added drone photography to his list of skills.

These days and after a hectic workweek, don’t be surprised to find out that Ghe is out there and up there, at the top of one of the highest structures there is along the Pasig River, shooting to his hearts content, the beauty of Metro Manila’s urban make-up.