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Doris Irene Pigon

Doris Irene Pigon or Doris for short is a native of the City of Ligao, in Albay. Her romance with the camera started way back in her early age, she recalls: “Back in the 80s, our family used to own an Instamatic camera that used magic cubes for a flash, used 110mm and 135mm film cameras. At one point in my life, perhaps around mid 90’s, I took a leave of absence in college. My dad took pity on me for doing nothing most of the time since my siblings were in school. He allowed me to attend a three-day seminar workshop on basic creative photography and that was my first time to learn photography from experts.” Then on, Doris continued her quest to master the craft little-by-little and by some stroke of fate, she found herself in the good favour of her brother who gave her his pre-loved Canon EOS 500D and all his other cameras and accessories when he left for United States of America in 2012. “And that got me back into photography after some lag when I started to work, I got to photograph most of the events I attended but somehow felt there was much to be desired when it came to my output,” Doris reminisces.

In 2019, Doris decided to invest in photography, upgraded her gears and bought a Canon EOS 800D from the proceeds of her back pay, attended the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation’s (FPPF) Photography Workshop in July 2019 and thought about concentrating fully in photography. Incidentally, it was also in the said workshop that she learned about Alpha Camera Club and eventually joined the group in 2020.

Doris is a graduate of B.S. in Computer Science at the University of Santo Tomas, Legaspi, formerly known as Aquinas University. She was a college instructor after she graduated for 6 years. She shifted to the business processing organization (BPO) and stayed for 10 years as an agent.

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