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Dani Sico

Dani’s journey in photography started at the age of 15, he learned to shoot using a Yashica 35mm Rangefinder. He got his inspiration from a mountaineering friend but he preferred and loved to shoot portraits.

It was in 1986 that he became a member of Alpha Camera Club. He won the very first club photo competition with the theme: “Lovers.” The best thing he liked about joining the club is the sharing of knowledge among members. He encourages everyone who loves photography to join a club to enjoy the camaraderie among members. He would like to be remembered in photography as his own identity – Dani Sico.

To him, perseverance and patience are character traits which future members of Alpha should possess. He believes that you should never stop learning photography. He said: “Love the passion.”

Dani is a graduate of Bachelor of FineArts at the University of Sto. Thomas and he’s been in Advertising Signages and Photography for 35 years now. He also paints whenever he has the time and whenever he is commissioned to do certain projects.

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