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Cris Cleofas

Cris Cleofas is Alpha Camera Club personified.

Cris started photography during her college days as part of her course curriculum in Fine Arts. It was during their on-site practical photography shoot that she learned the basics of photography and experienced working from shooting to darkroom processing when digital photography has yet to be introduced. After college, Cris worked as an artist at different photography and design studios. Apart from being one of the company’s in-house artist, she was also assigned as a field photographer.

Despite this, Cris never entertained the thought of taking photography as a profession. In fact, when she joined Alpha Camera Club in 2000, she still looked at it as a hobby, a weekend break from work until it grew on her. She started to embrace the art of photography and adopted the people behind the camera club as her second family. Soon, Cris’s talents and dedication to the craft brought much recognition to the club. But wait, Cris is more than a photographer, she is also a well-qualified head of any organization. Her leadership skills along with the help of some senior members of the club made Alpha Camera Club survive those cyclical years when membership dwindled and the fate of the organization hang by the thread. Her commitment to the club is unassailable so much so that the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation (FPPF) saw the gem in her and invited her to be part of the organization with an open arrangement.

Cris’s advice to future members of Alpha Camera Club is “To never take life seriously, have fun and enjoy the passion.” Indeed, she has never failed to show it whenever she cracks into that contagious laughter bringing lightness in spirit and encourages openness in all discussions. As Cris loves to say; “Love the passion because your Art is your self-expression,” and we hear you Cris, loud and clear.

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