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Bing Duay

Bing Duay a.k.a. BK Putskree in his photography dedicated Facebook account started his interest in photography way back in his college days. He recalls how much he felt envious of friends with their cameras hanging by their necks and how much he desired to acquire a camera of his own but his resources would not allow it. And while Bing admits that at the time, his knowledge in photography was superficial and lacking in depth, still, he was thrilled at the thought of owning his very first camera to toy around.

Finally, in 1987, when Bing was already employed and earning good money, he bought his first camera, a Canon EOS630 and immediately got caught by the gear acquisition bug, within only a few months gap, Bing bought his second camera, a Nikon F4S. However, owning a camera does not necessarily translate to acquiring the skills needed to produce quality images. Bing spent much of his time admiring and polishing his new gears instead of learning and improving his photographs. It was only in September 2018, upon the influence and guidance of two good friends, that Bing seriously pursued and learned photography. When asked who inspired him to take photography, Bing claims to have no one in particular but claims that from the start, photography as an art fascinated him. “The camera as a tool intrigues me. What I can do with my subject is almost limitless. And the only boundary is my creativity.” Bing’s favourite subjects to photograph are people and places, he says: “It is my version of time travel. Several years after you have taken them, the pictures help you relive the moments.” Bing’s advice to aspiring photographers and those wanting to join a camera club is, “Nothing beats practice. Make it a habit to study photographs for every photograph, good or bad; there are lessons to be learned.”

Bing is a graduate of BS Marketing Management at De La Salle University and served for 25 years at the Bank of Commerce. He retired early, at age 49, and put up his own cleaning and sanitation business. After 10 successful years, he opted to retire again, however, since he never runs out of opportunities, together with some creative friends, they’re in the process of setting up a graphics and design company.

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